Consulting Services Roster

The Consulting Services Roster is an architectural, engineering, and professional services roster, following the statute Chapter 39.80 RCW, that the District uses to search for eligible consultants and solicit bids for consultant services.

Areas of Expertise

Annually, Skagit PUD requests Statements of Qualifications from consulting firms possessing the required experience and resources needed for any/all of the following areas:

  • Engineering Design/Construction Management for Water System Infrastructure, including hydraulic modeling, permit acquisition, telemetry, and corrosion control.
  • Engineering Design/Construction Management for Drinking Water Quality and Potable Water Treatment System Improvements.
  • Engineering Design/Construction Management and/or Business Planning for SCADA and Telecommunications Infrastructure, including fiber optics.
  • Surveying services.
  • Geotechnical Investigation, Analysis and Evaluation required for various District projects.
  • Archaeological and Cultural Resource Investigation and Management Services required for various District projects.
  • Economic Services, Management Consulting, Finance.



Statements of Qualifications must clearly demonstrate the ability of the respondent firm(s) in the following Significant Evaluation Factors:

Cover Page (maximum 1 page, include discipline(s) applying for).

General Information (maximum of 3 pages):

  1. Overview of Firm (History, Mission, Vision and Goals)
  2. Proximity to Skagit County
  3. Quality Control Program
  4. Cost Control Methods and Effectiveness

Discipline Specific Information (maximum of 5 pages) per Discipline as described above:

  1. Experience of the firm for the submitted Discipline. Provide project examples (within the last 10 years) including: Scope, Project Team, Specialty Subcontractors and Client Contact.

  2. Qualifications of the staff currently working/assigned to the Discipline.

  3. Innovative design/analysis capability.

  4. Excellence in past performance.

NOTE: Multiple Discipline submittals must be under one cover along with the firm’s General Information. If you are submitting for one Discipline, your SOQ will be a maximum of 9 pages. If you are submitting in two Disciplines (tab each Discipline), you will submit one SOQ consisting of no more than 14 pages, three Disciplines will be limited to a maximum of 19 pages and so on.


Firms desiring consideration must submit one (1) PDF file of Statement of Qualifications to or mail to:

Doug McConnell
Skagit PUD
PO Box 1436
1415 Freeway Drive
Mount Vernon, WA 98273-1436.

Please direct all questions to Doug McConnell, contract administrator, at (360) 424-7104.

The District will score and rank each firm, within each Discipline, based on the evaluation factors listed above and the District’s need. The District will then enter into an Agreement for Professional Services with the top ranked firms in each Discipline.

A specific scope of work will be written for each project during the year and the District will conduct contract negotiations, on a rotating basis, with top ranked firms. The number of firms selected for each Discipline will be at the District’s discretion.

The District is committed to a program of equal opportunity. Minority and women owned businesses are encouraged to apply. This is not a Request for Proposal. Statements of Qualifications will be kept on file for calendar year 2017, or longer at the District’s discretion.