Skagit PUD is committed to building strong and vibrant communities, improving quality of life, and making a positive difference where we live and work.

Our Commitment

We do this through contributions, partnerships, and volunteer resources.

Our commitment to the community is based on our clear vision of being a socially responsible organization making a tangible difference in the communities we serve.

We are proud of the work we do in our communities and will continue to play our part to ensure the long-term vitality of each of the communities we service with water.

Community Partner

Every year, Skagit PUD and its employees invest thousands of dollars in improving communities and helping families in need. But giving back to the community means more than just making financial contributions.

We also:

  • Mentor young people in career opportunities
  • Provide volunteer hours for local efforts
  • Help lower-income families during the holiday season
  • Partner with local non-profit organizations to deliver services and programs