Aqua Room Reservations

As a community service, selected Skagit PUD facilities are available to the public when not being used for District business.

Room Availability

Skagit PUD makes available its Aqua Room for public meetings. The Aqua Room is available for responsible community groups or non-profit organizations that will include the participation of Skagit PUD customers. The District also makes the meeting rooms available for other governmental agencies. The maximum room capacity is 250 people.

Facilities are not available for gatherings such as parties, receptions, banquets, family reunions, fund-raising activities or profit-making purposes, nor are they available for religious services. 

The Aqua Room is available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We do not take reservations more than three months in advance. 

If you would like to check availability of the room, please contact (360) 424-7104.

For detailed information on using the Aqua Room, please read the policy/provisions document and hold harmless agreement posted below.