Pressure on Skagit PUD’s water resources comes from many sources, including population growth, in-stream flows (protecting fish, wildlife, and recreation), and business needs. Water systems using their water efficiently allow growth in their communities and water for other environmental uses. The efficient use of water helps ensure reliable water supplies are available for our customers.

Water Use Efficiency

ShowerTimer.gifIn 2007, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) established a Water Use Efficiency Program to ensure efficient operation and water systems management. With it came new requirements that require municipal water suppliers to set conservation goals and report annually on their performance to customers and the DOH.

Through a public forum process, the PUD established measurable water-saving goals for 2014-2019 for our distribution system's supply- and demand-sides. These goals provide a benchmark for achievement and play a significant role in defining the PUD’s water use efficiency program's success.

The goals are as follows:

  1. Save a cumulative total of six million gallons of water by 2019.

  2. Reduce distribution system leakage to 10 percent or less of total water produced per year.