Water Rates & Fees

Skagit PUD has rate schedules for particular types of services provided. A summary of some of these charges is provided in the tables below.

Effective January 1, 2019, Skagit PUD's Board of Commissioners approved an 8.5 percent rate increase for all water services.


Monthly Basic Fixed Charge


Meter Size






     $ 29.15




































Consumption Charges

Single Family & Duplex with Individual Meters


    0-3 ccf


$3.21 per ccf


    4-100 ccf


5.06 per ccf




2.95 per ccf


All Others: Except those described in Tables A-3 and A-5 in Water Policy Manual


    0-3 ccf


$5.06 per ccf


    4-100 ccf


5.06 per ccf




2.95 per ccf




Miscellaneous Charges

Effective January 29, 2018

Service Activation Charge



Deduct Meter - Monthly Basic Fixed Charge



Financial Instrument Charge (NSF, ACH return, closed account, etc.)



Late Charge: $5 or 2.0% per month, whichever is greater, for all unpaid balances 14 days past due date.


$5 or 2% /mo

Turn On/Reconnection (8 AM to 4 PM, M-F, excluding Holidays)



Turn On/Reconnection (After the Above Hours M-F, or on Saturday)



Turn On/Reconnection (Sundays and Holidays)



Reactivation of abandoned service, Type I


Type I Charge

Reactivation of abandoned service for larger than 1”, plus associated service charges, fees, permits, expenses


Actual Cost

Water Service Installations Involving Connection to Pipeline Larger than 18”, or Any Concrete Cylinder Water Pipeline


Actual Cost

Temporary Connection Charge (Installation/Removal)


Actual Cost

Crew/Serviceman Standby (Customer Request)


Actual Cost

Damage from Addition of New Equipment


Actual Cost

Damage to District Property


Actual Cost

Cut Lock Charge



Meter Yoke Replacement Charge



Satellite System Compliance Inspection Charge


Actual Cost

Satellite System Water Quality Testing Charge


Actual Cost

Capital Improvement Surcharge

In 2013, Skagit PUD’s Board of Commissioners first approved a monthly capital improvement surcharge to help pay for improvements to the PUD’s water distribution system.

The surcharge, which appears on your bill, is based on the fact that Skagit PUD has over 600 miles of water pipelines within Skagit County to maintain.

The $2 per month capital improvement surcharge enables the PUD to continue providing safe and reliable water while maintaining and replacing its existing assets.

Maintaining our system through replacement and rehabilitation is critically important in order to preserve a good level of service, ensure adequate fire flows, minimize outages and maintain water quality. Deferring needed maintenance can result in expensive system repairs.