Architectural Consulting Services Sought to Address Facilities' Future Needs

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2020

Skagit PUD requests a Statement of Qualification from qualified professional architectural firms to conduct a needs analysis and the development of alternatives to address the future needs of the PUD's facilities. This is intended to be the first phase of a multi-phased project, leading to the potential construction of a new facility housing all of the PUD's functions.

The PUD currently owns 15.86 acres located at 1415 Freeway Drive in Mount Vernon, Wash. with buildings that consolidate the PUD's operations. The buildings on site comprise the administration, engineering, and operations functions, as well as providing enough space for the storage of all District vehicles and material inventory. The additional acreage that is not used by the PUD is leased out to the Mount Vernon School District as recreational play fields.

The PUD's main campus building was originally constructed in 1969, and then was added to in 1995 to create a building with an overall size of approximately 26,462 square feet. The original building is in need of many maintenance improvements, and the PUD has also outgrown the space required for its staff. The maintenance improvements would involve some significant construction projects, which would be costly and disrupt the operations of the utility.

The PUD is interested in performing a needs assessment to determine the growing and future needs over the next 30 years instead of making costly improvements to a building which is nearly 50 years old. Part of the needs assessment will involve evaluating the options of staying at the current location or moving to a new location.

Submittals with all required information must be submitted to Doug McConnell, Contracts Administrator, either by hand delivery to 1415 Freeway Drive, Mount Vernon, WA or by mail to PO Box 1436, Mount Vernon, WA 98273-1436 by Friday, July 14, 2017, at 3:00 pm Pacific Time.

Submissions received by the District after the closing date and time will not be opened.