Be Notified First With MyStateUSA

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What’s MyStateUSA? 
MyStateUSA is the community notification system that Skagit 911 uses to deliver alert messages via e-mail, text and/or phone calls to residents and businesses in the event of an emergency or public warning.

Do they have my phone number on record?
If you have standard “landline” service, then the Skagit 911 system database has your listed and unlisted, business and/or residential phone number. Cellular phones are not in the system database. If you’d like to be contacted on your cell phone, you’ll need to register your number.

What kind of alert messages will I receive from MyStateUSA?
Any local elected or appointed public official or public safety command officer may request an alert message to be activated through the MyStateUSA system. Examples of events that could prompt an alert activation include: evacuation notices, hazardous material releases, or community police activities.

Where can I register my contact information?
Visit and click on the “Public Sign Up Here button.

If they can’t reach you … they can’t alert you! Sign up today.