Be Water-Wise & Garden Hip with a Painted Rain Barrel

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2020

During the summer months it's estimated that nearly 40 percent of household water is used for lawn and garden maintenance.

Festival _rainbarrel_A rain barrel collects water and stores it for those times that you need it most—during the dry summer months. Using rain barrels can potentially help homeowners
lower water bills, while also improving the vitality of plants, flowers, trees, and lawns.

To make harvesting rain water more appealing, Skagit PUD has teamed up with the Skagit River Salmon Festival to turn rain barrels into works of garden art. It's a fun way to share the benefits of using rain barrels to conserve water, prevent run off, and protect the resources of the Skagit River.

Seven artists, plus a fourth-grade class from Madison School in Mount Vernon, volunteered their time and talents for this project. The rain barrels will be on public display during the month of August. After a public unveiling on July 25, you can view the barrels online, learn more about the artists, or find where they are displayed in the community, by visiting the Skagit River Salmon Festival website—

The rain barrels will be sold at the festival, via a silent auction, on September 7 to benefit the installation of a new Mighty Skagit watershed education exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Skagit County.

For those wanting something a little more utilitarian, Skagit PUD sells the basic blue 55-gallon rain barrels for just $50. To reserve yours today, call (360) 424-7104.