Blake Wins 'Excellence' Award

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2020

One of the stars of Drinking Water Week in Washington is Emilia Blake, Water Quality Coordinator for Skagit PUD. Blake received the state Department of Health's Drinking Water Week Commitment to Excellence Award, one of seven annual awards from Health to outstanding members of Washington's drinking-water industry.

Emilia BlakeBlake heads up Skagit PUD's drinking water laboratory and is responsible for water quality at the water treatment plant and distribution system, where, according to Health's description of the award, "she performs at an exemplary level."

Blake is responsible for lab accreditations and procedural efficiencies, such as upgrading and maintaining instrumentation equipment. She conducts extra research to enhance water treatment plant operation and optimization projects. Blake also spearheaded efforts to prevent water quality problems with the PUD's reservoir.

According to Health's award citation, "She (Blake) earned this award through her dedication, attention to detail, and going above and beyond her job duties."