Commission Adopts 5-Year Strategic Plan Update

Posted Saturday, December 17, 2022

Skagit PUD operates the county’s most extensive water system, and since 1936, has been committed to providing safe and reliable utility services to meet the needs of Skagit County residents.

Along with the responsibility to serve our customers, we strive to be a responsible steward of the resources placed in our trust by deploying talented staff who are passionate about what they do, leveraging technology, practicing resource management, and encouraging conservation.

The challenges we face in Skagit County are similar to those facing water utilities throughout Washington state and the nation. Water system planning and investment, asset management, strong communications, customer engagement, organizational development, and resiliency are some of the nuanced issues we will address over this plan’s time horizon.

Skagit PUD’s updated Strategic Plan will guide the decisions that will define our organization and services for the coming five years by establishing our strategic objectives in three main areas:

I. Water Service

II. Communication with Community Members and Partners

III. Organizational Development

Please take a look at the link below if you'd like more information about the PUD's five-year strategic plan.