Drinking Water Week: Recognizing Vital Role Tap Water Plays in Daily Life

Posted Tuesday, May 11, 2021

This week’s Drinking Water Week provides consumers an opportunity to learn about the critical infrastructure that transports water from collection to treatment to consumption to ensure drinking water is “There When You Need It.”

Drinking Water Week is May 2-8 this year.

Skagit PUD and partners throughout North America are celebrating Drinking Water Week to recognize the vital role tap water plays in daily life, the infrastructure that is required to carry it to and from homes and businesses, and the important and often unnoticed work of water professionals.

Water systems play a critical part in consumers’ health, hygiene and hydration. More than a million miles of buried pipes ensure reliable water is transported from collection, through the treatment process to homes or businesses for cleaning, hydration and cooking, which are critical to health and safety.

Whether it is for health, hygiene or hydration, our tap water plays an absolutely vital role in our daily life. And our water infrastructure does its part to ensure tap water is there when you need it for drinking, cooking or hygiene.