Follow the Letterbox Trail

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2020

Go outside and explore the natural wonders of Skagit County through letterboxing—a cross between geocaching and a treasure hunt.

Letterboxing is fun, outdoor recreation for families and friends. There are educational boxes up and down the Skagit Watershed—stop and learn something about each Letterbox location.

How it Works

Follow clues to hidden letterboxes in the Skagit River watershed. You'll need a notebook for collecting stamps at each box location and rubber stamp of your own to use. Letterboxes contain fun materials, along with a notebook and rubber stamp for collecting and sharing stamp designs. Find them all for a prize at the End of the Trail Celebration.

The adventure continues until October 6. The End of The Trail Celebration is on Saturday, October 12 at Padilla Bay Breazeale Center.