Mundt Creek Intake Project Wins Award

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2020

Skagit PUD's Mundt Creek intake project received a Construction Excellence Award from the Associated General Contractors of Washington. TRICO Companies was the contractor on the project.

Maintaining and improving valuable assets plays a significant role in being a good steward of our water resources.

Of the more than 150 public water systems in Skagit County, the Judy Reservoir system ranks as the most important due to the large number of customers served and its role as the county-wide satellite management agency. In the Cultus Mountain watershed, Mundt Creek is one of four streams and provides 16 percent of the water for Judy Reservoir.

A diversion was constructed in 1967 to collect water through a 6-by-4-foot screen on Mundt Creek' streambed into an intake structure. Clogged with debris, the structure limited the required water diverted to the reservoir. Old screen technology, eroding concrete and constant maintenance necessitated replacement.

Skagit PUD designed a new screen and headworks structure. The screen is self-cleaning to eliminate maintenance and the improved structure captures more water from the creek.

The project, which was completed in Fall 2017, totaled $600,000 and should pay for itself over time through reduced energy costs associated with pumping water at the Skagit River Diversion.