New Incentive Program Helps Pay for Backflow Prevention

Posted Thursday, November 5, 2020

Skagit PUD is pleased to announce its new Cross-Connection Control Incentive Program that provides eligible customers with financial assistance when installing backflow prevention assemblies at an existing water service.

It’s logical to assume that because water is always under pressure, it can only flow in one direction. However, sometimes it can flow oppositely from its intended path, and when it does, it can cause disastrous results. Water will always flow toward the point of lowest pressure.

When plumbing is connected to the potable water supply and connected to piping carrying another fluid or gas, such as an air conditioner containing chemicals to kill algae, the contaminant could be drawn back into Skagit PUD’s water mains. A garden hose submerged into a hot tub or swimming pool, or inserted into your car’s radiator to flush out antifreeze, or attached to a fertilizer sprayer, could siphon these contaminants back into the water mains.

Lawn irrigation systems can also pose a risk hazard due to bacterial or chemical contaminants found on lawns. Incidents such as these have been documented throughout the country and have happened all too often.

Fortunately, backflow from a cross-connection can be prevented. Skagit PUD’s Cross-Connection Control Program protects the water system from contaminants by ensuring that customers have correctly installed and maintained backflow prevention assemblies.

Applying to Skagit PUD’s incentive program is as simple as a phone call. A lump-sum reimbursement is provided to customers upon successful installation, testing, and submittal of required cost documentation. For more information, please contact Cross-Connection Control Coordinator at (360) 848-2138 or