Only Tap Water Delivers

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Tap water is more than a convenience; it's central to our everyday lives. Any measure of a successful society—low mortality rates, economic diversity, productivity, and public safety—are in some way related to access to safe water.

In North America, we take for granted that safe water is always accessible to drink, to wash our clothes, to water our lawns and for a myriad of other purposes. When water service is interrupted, we’re all reminded of the extraordinary value of water resources and service.

In a world where more than 3.4 million people die every year from preventable waterborne disease, our water systems assure we can drink from virtually any public tap with a high assurance of safety. Our water treatment and distribution systems protect us from exposure to naturally occurring and man-made contaminants that can cause immediate or long-term health effects.

In the past, water suppliers have often thought of themselves as the “silent service,” because water infrastructure is out of sight, out of mind, and taken for granted.

Yet, here’s something to think about. Assume your home uses about 250 gallons of water a day—which is about average this time of year. Now each gallon of water weighs a little over eight pounds. That means that every day Skagit PUD is delivering more than a ton of water to your home. Over the course of a week, that’s more than the weight of a full-grown elephant—we'll even move it upstairs! One elephant, up the stairs, every week. It’s an incredible feat if you think about it.

The fact is that tap water is so intricately woven into our lives that we can hardly imagine a day without it. With what would we mix our orange juice or rinse our lettuce? Where would we shower? How would we water our plants, or clean our dishes and clothes? We take these conveniences for granted. But only tap water delivers our quality of life in Skagit County.