Time to Spring for a Rain Barrel & Start Saving Water

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2020

For centuries, rainwater has been collected as a way for people and communities to meet their water needs. Today, this simple technology is still in use—most often for controlling stormwater runoff and conserving water.

Collecting rainwater is an easy way to conserve water—and save money on your water bill. During the drier season, when water consumption often doubles, using collected rainwater can reduce the strain on the PUD’s water supply and keep more water available for fish and wildlife. Rainwater is also naturally “soft” and free of minerals and chemicals, making it ideal for plants and lawns.

Skagit PUD sells ready to install 55-gallon rain barrels for just $60 plus tax. If you would like more information about Skagit PUD’s low-cost rain barrel program, please visit our rain barrel page or call (360) 424-7104.