Transmission Line Repair Underway

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2020

Skagit Public Utility District initiated emergency shutdown procedures Friday afternoon on the Sedro-Woolley water transmission line due to a break in the pipe. The pipeline is one of two transmission lines that supply water from Judy Reservoir to the communities of Burlington, Mount Vernon and Sedro-Woolley.

Built in 1970, the 20-inch concrete cylinder transmission pipeline is expected to be out of service for upwards of two weeks. The break occurred in a section of pipe running between the Judy Reservoir Water Treatment Plant and Skagit PUD’s river crossing near South Skagit Highway. Strider Construction out of Bellingham will be performing the repair work.

Based on demand, operating conditions within the distribution system could vary at times during the shutdown. Skagit PUD customers will remain in service but may experience intermittent fluctuations in water pressure.

“The District will be closely monitoring the entire water system’s performance while in this temporary and hopefully brief shutdown event,” Operations Manager Mike Fox said.

If customers do encounter air, loss of water, or discoloration in their service lines, they are asked to contact the PUD’s main office number at (360) 424-7104. “Be assured the water is safe to drink and it is continually tested—even more frequently during situations of this nature,” Fox said.

During the shutdown, the PUD will be supplementing its water supply through intertie connections with the city of Anacortes water system. Because Anacortes uses a different disinfection method for treating its water, some customers in the Bay View, Skagit Golf & Country Club, West Mount Vernon, and Port of Skagit County areas may detect a noticeable chlorine smell. This is a normal occurrence and the water is safe to drink.

While repairs are underway, the PUD asks that all customers be mindful of their water usage and to minimize landscape watering, car washing and other water intensive activities. For further updates, please visit the PUD’s website at