12.12.2017 Joint Skagit PUD and Skagit County Commission Work Session Agenda

Posted December 8, 2017

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1. Call to Order - Skagit County Board of Commissioners
2. Call to Order - Skagit Public Utility District Commission
3. Introductions, Agenda Review, Purpose, and Goals
4. Background Presentation (Water Rights, Emerging Legal Issues, Permitting Options)
5. What Specific Issues Need to be Addressed?

a. Inadequate legal availability for existing homes?
b. Inadequate legal availability for new growth?
c. Permitting timeliness and input?

6. What Specific Solutions Are on the Table (Examples from Other Jurisdictions)?

a. Buying water rights?
b. Creating regional water banks?
c. Water system extensions?
d. Trucking water/cistern program, bulk water fill stations?
e. Rainwater catchment program?
f. Reoperation of existing storage?
g. New small storage options?
h. Pump and dump solutions?

7. PUD and County coordination efforts (Joint Board Discussion)
8. Next Steps
9. Adjournment - Skagit County Board of Commissioners
10. Adjournment - Skagit County Public Utility District Commission