Interlocal Agreements

An interlocal agreement is a collaborative contract between public bodies aiming to provide more efficient, less costly public services.

The following are agreements between Skagit PUD and other agencies:


  1. National Joint Powers Alliance Joint Powers Agreement
    (Goods and Services)

  2. Interlocal Cooperative Agreement Between PUD No. 1 of Skagit County and Skagit County
    (Spraying Services) Expires 2019.12.31

  3. Houston-Galveston Area Council Interlocal Contract for Cooperative Purchasing
    (Goods and Services)

  4. Intergovernmental Agreement for EMAC and PNEMA Assistance
    (Emergency Management Assistance) Expires 2021.10.31

  5. Department of Enterprise Services Master Contract Usage Agreement
    (Goods and Services)