Engineering Standards

To ensure that all District infrastructure is constructed to the highest possible standards, various drawing, design and construction standards have been developed by the Engineering Department and adopted by the Skagit PUD’s Board of Commissioners. These standards are used on both Skagit PUD projects and developer projects.


Skagit PUD’s Standard General Notes are to be included on all design drawings related to District infrastructure projects.

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Skagit PUD’s drawing standards apply to the design of any water distribution facilities that are being submitted to the District for approval.

In the case of a project that includes the design of multiple utilities, the Design Engineer may use their own AutoCAD standards and cover sheet layout. However, the District still requires that the design of the water distribution facilities be provided separately from the other utilities, following the format as described.

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Standard Details

Skagit PUD has a list of Stadard Details that are to be used on all Skagit PUD and developer projects. They have been developed by Skagit PUD staff and arre intended to communicate acceptable design and construction standards to the design engineer.

The Standard Details are available for download in .tif format and are not intended to be modified by designers on a project-to-project basis. Each detail is signed and dated by the PUD's engineering manager and the most current version of each detail must be included on design drawings. It is the responsibility of the design engineer of record that Standard Details are used as originally intended.

In the case that Standard Details need to be modified based on project needs, please contact Skagit PUD to review project requirements.

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