Online Backflow Test Entry

The Online Backflow Test Entry System enables backflow testers and testing companies to submit test forms electronically. Entering tests online saves time and money. Testers can print and/or save copies of completed test reports. 

Using the Backflow Test Entry System

To use the system, backflow assembly tester certifications and test kit calibrations must be up-to-date with Skagit PUD's Cross-Connection Control Program.

Customers who are required to maintain backflow prevention assemblies will continue to receive annual testing notifications. These notices will have the information necessary for testers to locate the correct assembly and accurately record test results into the web entry system.

The web entry system can only be utilized for existing and/or replacement of existing assemblies on record in the PUD's database. If an assembly is not on record or is a new installation, please contact Courtney Shilling, cross-connection control coordinator.

For more information about using the Backflow Test Entry System, please see our User Guide.