Small Works Roster

Skagit PUD’s Small Works Roster is a small public works roster used for finding eligible contractors and soliciting bids for small works services.

Each contractor must already be appropriately registered and licensed as a general or specialty contractor per RCW 18.27 to perform work in Washington.

Contractors whose names appear on the roster may submit job proposals for contracts three hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350,000) or less. (RCW 39.04.155)

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Interested contractors can apply for placement on Skagit PUD’s rosters by downloading the Small Works Roster (SWR) qualification application.

An SWR application is valid for the calendar year it is received. A new SWR qualifications application must be submitted each year.

The application furnishes information for establishing qualifications for the SWR. Contractors must meet the minimum insurance requirements and correctly complete and execute the application to be eligible for placement.

Firms that do not have internet access may request an application package by contacting Catherine Price, contract coordinator, at (360) 848-4472 or stopping by the PUD’s main office.

Please return all completed and signed applications to Catherine Price or mail them to:

Skagit PUD
Attn: Catherine Price
1415 Freeway Drive
Mount Vernon, WA 98273