Water Service

Skagit PUD will undertake to the fullest extent to furnish water to all county residents who need a potable water supply. The PUD will provide water service to undeveloped lots/parcels only after receipt of written notice or building permit from the local government with land use jurisdiction stating that the undeveloped lot/parcel is consistent with the jurisdiction’s land-use plan.

Water Service Availability

Where Skagit PUD is the water purveyor, and there is new construction, a remodel, an addition, revised plumbing, a land division, or change of use on a property, a water service evaluation will be necessary to ensure compliance of current PUD water policies.

Upon receipt of a project proposal description, property identification (County Parcel Number), site plan, water usage demands, and fire protection requirements, water service availability can be determined by Skagit PUD. The customer/developer bears costs for any water system improvements necessary for the project.

Water service cannot be provided unless water lines with sufficient supply are available and the location of the site where service is to be installed is contiguous to a water main unless otherwise allowed within this Water Code per line extension requirements.


Project Plan Submittals

Please submit to Skagit PUD’s Engineering Department a complete set of civil, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and irrigation plans for review and cost estimating.

Coordination With All Jurisdictions

Skagit PUD encourages you to initiate a discussion with the appropriate jurisdictions (e.g., City, County, State) and the PUD early in your project design process to determine feasibility. Timeframes for obtaining certain permits and approvals can be lengthy.