Meter Sizing

For water services other than for single-family residences, applicants are to submit to Skagit PUD a complete list of fixtures with their respective equivalent fixture unit values, and the minimum meter size necessary, based on the most current Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). This can be completed by the applicants licensed architect, engineer or plumber. The portion(s) of the UPC (Chapter 6, Appendix A, etc.) used for fixture unit values and meter sizing is to be noted on the submittal, along with the preparer’s name, signature, license number and phone number. Any irrigation demand shall also be included in these calculations.

Skagit PUD offers a “deduct” meter to customers whose water usage is a factor in determining their sewer bill. A “deduct” meter is intended and available for irrigation of minor landscaping and other incidental uses that will not enter the local sanitary sewer system. A “deduct” meter is installed immediately downstream of the domestic meter and shall not be larger than the domestic meter. The demand to be served by a “deduct” meter shall be included in the calculation for sizing of the domestic meter.

New water services, two-inch and smaller, will include a “check valve” in the meter assembly. Any customer plumbing system provided with a check valve, backflow preventer or pressure regulating device which does not have a bypass feature at its source shall be provided, by the customer, with an approved, listed adequately sized pressure relief valve or a means to control expansion (typically being a combination pressure/ temperature relief valve and a thermal expansion tank) to satisfy building regulations. Consult with a licensed plumber, the appropriate local building department, and the UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) for the specific requirements.